Business Conference

PetroChem Canada connects professionals from the petrochemical, biochemical and chemical industries with their North American counterparts, governments, academia, and the supply chain to meet, share knowledge and forge long-term relationships. Our audience is plant managers, sustainability managers, maintenance, and engineering managers, as well as government representatives, and their supply chain.


The theme for 2022 is centred around: “Developing Canada’s downstream sector is key to maximizing the value of our natural resources, whilst meeting aggressive environmental targets.


The program is currently being developed. If you are interested in presenting contact us today.

As a full delegate you have access to the Business Conference and Technical Stream. Alternatively, you can attend the Technical Stream only for a discounted price. 


schedule subject to change without notice.

June 20, 2022

9:00 am - 2:00 pm

PetroChem Canada Golf Outing

  Indian Hills Golf Club

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12:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Facility Site Driving Tour

  hosted by Sarnia-Lambton Economic Development

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7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

VIP Reception for Speakers, Sponsors and Invited Guests

  hosted by Sarnia-Lambton Economic Development

June 21, 2022

8:00 am - 8:45 am


Registration and Coffee

8:45 am - 9:00 am

Welcoming Remarks

9:00 am - 9:30 am

Opening Address

Marilyn Gladu, Member of Parliament: Sarnia-Lambton, Government of Canada

9:30 am - 10:15 am

Keynote Address

Apala Mukherjee, President, BASF Canada

10:15 am - 10:45 am

Networking Break

10:45 am - 11:15 am

Global Overview of Petrochemicals and how Canada Stacks up


Where the market heading, where are the opportunities, and where the risks?  And perhaps most importantly how is Canada positioned on the global stage?

11:15 am - 12:00 pm

Investment Strategies: Creating Canadian Competitiveness


What risks do operators see – trade, costs, electricity, regulatory burden, supply chain, talent? How can government partner with industry to help Canadian businesses compete on the world stage? What needs to happen to develop more value-added products in Canada?


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Networking Lunch on the Exhibition Floor 

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Creating Petrochemical Sustainability


With the world population projecting to be nearly ten billion people by 2050, and billions of being lifted out of poverty around the world, we find ourselves at an interesting crossroad of requiring limitless amounts of refined fuels, plastics, chemicals and other refined products versus creating a sustainable world we wish to pass along to future generations.  How is industry facing these sustainability challenges?  And what is the role of biochemistry in meeting our global needs?

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Networking Break

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Finding the Wins in Emission Reduction

4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Networking Reception

June 22, 2022

8:00 am - 8:30 am

Registration and Coffee

8:30 am - 9:00 am

Keynote Presentation


Digital Transformation as an Enabler for Sustainability


Paige Marie Morse, Industry Marketing Director, Aspen Technology, Inc.

9:00 am - 10:15 am

Defining and Demystifying Digital Transformation: A Different Perspective 

  presented by: American Fuels and

  Petrochemicals Association (AFPM) Digital

  Transformation (Dx) Subcommittee


Transformation is Change, but not all change is transformational.  And understanding the difference is key to launching any successful ‘Digital Transformation’ initiative.  Sounds simple, but the tsunami of competing ‘Digital Transformation’ insights flooding the headlines and inboxes can make it a confusing topic and appear more complex than it is.  


10:15 am - 10:45 am

Networking Break



10:45 am - 12:00 pm

Digital and Automation Transformation & Implementation


How do artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and automation potentially change the game?  What are some of the new technologies that show promise for improving operational efficiencies, energy efficiency, lessening environmental impacts and dealing with labour constraints?  This session will provide useful examples of what industry is planning and implementing in the coming years to deliver bottom line results, including automation, IIoT, software, big data, and, cybersecurity.



12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Networking Luncheon on the Exhibition Floor

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Sustainable Practices for Post-Consumer Plastics


With nearly 80% of post-consumer plastics being diverted to Canada’s landfills, there is lots of work to be done to address plastic waste reduction and even creating a circular economy.  How is industry working with their customers to reduce plastic use in packaging?  What are the opportunities being developed to extend plastic’s lifetime with new uses?  


2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Looking Back and Ahead – An Environmental and Chemical Regulatory Update 

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Networking Break

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Competing for Resource and Leveraging Your Supply Chain

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Closing Keynote

4:00 pm

Closing Remarks

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Closing Cocktails